No matter how well one might take care of their teeth, they will still undergo daily wear and tear. This wear and tear can be fixed easily by a six-monthly visit to a trusted dental care professional. General dentists are the principal dental care providers for all patients. A general dentist will help provide the best possible care you desire as they specialize in all the major dentistry services available.

Their work in this field comprises everything from gum care and oral exams to root canals, fillings, crowns, and more. They help treat you and your entire family, whether it be regular cleanings or specialized care, and keep records of your oral health, which is essential when considering overall health.

What are some General Dentistry Services? 

  • Preventative Dental Care: Comprises of all essential treatments needed to maintain the best possible oral health. Routine visits to a dentist will help you in being updated on your oral health. These visits will be beneficial for your overall health and get valuable information on taking protective care at all times. All patients should consult their dentist at least twice a year mandatorily to get done a complete dental exam that will include fluoride treatments, diagnostic x-rays, routine teeth cleanings, and an oral cancer screening.
  • X-rays: Dental X-rays take diagnostic images of your teeth and jawbones and are used by a dentist in order to review your oral health status. These X-rays are entirely safe for children and adults as they utilize low levels of radiation. They will help your dentist diagnose any issues, such as tooth decay, cavities, and impacted teeth. While taking an X-ray at a dentist appointment may seem complicated, but they are beneficial and just as important as regular teeth cleaning.
  • Fillings:They help seal small holes that may develop inside of a tooth. Fillings are helpful in treating cavities or tooth decay and prevent the further spread of infection. Tooth-colored fillings have three varieties to choose from, which are composite, porcelain, or glass ionomer.
  • Restorative Care:Restorative dentistry is used to repair structural problems associated with your teeth, such as damaged or missing teeth. Restorative dentists often use dentures, crowns, bridges, onlays, inlays, and dental implants to reinstate your teeth and their proper functionality. Once the teeth are restored, cosmetic dentistry comes into play to enhance your smile and help boost your overall confidence and appearance.
  • Sealants & Fluorides: They help stop decay from accumulating on your permanent teeth. This is achieved by placing an invisible plastic resin over the tooth’s biting surface to coat and seal it. Once filled, the involved teeth are far less likely to develop a cavity or other forms of decay.

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